When Facebook sucks

In May this year, Facebook targeted me with an ad for a private boys school in Sydney, advertising new enrollments for 2016. They must have figured out that I had been pregnant in 2010.

They didn’t figure out that my babies died.

I posted a whinge about it on facebook, and then I cried, and cried, and cried. And recently, I got to thinking abou that post, not because it made me sad, but because of all the lovely supportive responses.

I’ve decided to link to that post here, because my blog is searchable, and because when I’m feeling down, it’s nice to remember just how many people care.

To all of you who responded on that day, and who have supported me over the last five years, you will never know what it has meant to me. Thank you.

Link here.

Funeral Notice


Friends and family are invited to join us in celebrating the short life of Archimedes Hare Nettle, and his little brother Aubrey Michael Nettle, on Friday, December 3rd at 3pm in the South Chapel at Northern Suburbs Crematorium.

Please join us afterwards for refreshments at Bev & Teds. I know I will need a lot of refreshing. If you would like to help out with catering, please call Maree on 0403 487 785.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the Australian Breastfeeding Association in their names.

Today has been my first day at home alone, and its been a stinker. But I have managed to catch up with a friend, get to the pharmacy to fill a script, arrange a funeral and a birthday party, and place a funeral notice (in tomorrows SMH). Now, I think I might get drunk.