New Shirt

Inigo was indecently proud of his new shirt, rubbing his belly, and telling anyone that would listen that, “mama made that for me”. He also refused to take it off at bedtime, so we discovered that it makes a pretty good pyjama top too. The only other shirth he feels so strongly about is his “Nuna Nuna” shirt. Actually, it is of Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba, but because of the Elijah Wood/Yo Gabba Gabba/Dragostea Din Tea/Numa Numa clip I found on You tube, Inigo calls it his Nuna Nuna shirt, and wants to wear it every day of the week. And apparently this lime green shirt goes best with the purple sparkly trousers I made him for his first birthday party. They’ve been washed so often recently that the sparkles are fast disappearing.



I do hope to get a lot older, but 40 has a certain gravitas. I do feel that 40 year olds should have a certain amount of their shit together. Not all of it, of course, or you might as well give up, but 40 means goodbye to nightclubbing (at least the way *I* used to do it), and hello grown up and responsible.

So I am planning a party. A knitters house party. Mum and Dad have said I can have the house at Pearl Beach for the weekend of my birthday, so people can come and go all weekend, and hopefully some people will want to stay over, so we can all sit around and watch movies, drink wine, knit, and chat.

Sounds like a proper grown up part don’t you think?

School has started

And our group is awesome.

We have a landscape architect, a few designers, an art director, a pattern maker, a career coach, a rare book maker, and a lawyer. And three of us used to work in the film industry. It’s an ecclectic group, but mostly with a strong design/art background, or at least a strong interest.

I did some sketching/doodles the other day and I realised that I haven’t done anything like that for about 20 years. So I got to class early, and sketched away happily, absorbing the “studio air”.

We have about 6 weeks of school and I may not produce anything I’ll want to share with the world, but I know I’m going to have fun!