One thought on “Saturday night”

  1. Hi Lara i live in Auckland New Zealand early last month Oct 2016 i was contacted by a man that called himself Ferg? he wanted to buy a wee boy bunny i had for sale he came to my house and picked him up saying he was buying him for his daughte then last friday morning i noticed 4 of my wee 7 week old bunnies were missing ? anyway over the last few months rabbits have been stolen around the Auckland area including someone i know who also had ‘ Fergus” at his house buying 2 bunnies from him.And a few weeks later had 3 stolen from him.Big coincidence??Anyway i reported this to police friday morning the 21st oct 2016 and i had a phone call saying this man had been convicted in Austarlia about 10 years ago for torturing and killing bunnies..This is Brendan McMahon he just changed his first name.So the Bastard is at it again here in Auckland. Police are looking for him but are having trouble finding him.


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