School Transition

I’m afraid this is going to be another one of those “I can’t believe how awesome my kid is, and I feel compelled to share him with the world” posts.

Last Friday we started transition to school. I say we, because one of the learning outcomes is a parent that doesn’t sob at the school gates on the first day of real school next year. And we all know I am in grave danger of that!

We convened in an adjacent room, and when everyone was ready, we walked together into the classroom. Inigo took off ahead of me, full of confidence, but at the door he turned around to wait for me and grab my hand. We walked in together, and a teacher greeted him and asked him to sit on a mat in the front of the classroom. Reluctantly, he let go of my hand after I assured him I wasn’t leaving.

The teachers had a laminated card with a picture of each child, and their name printed on another card. Each child in turn had to identify his or her picture and name, and then stick them on the wall so everyone could see. Inigo waited his turn, but quickly scanned the field so that he could be the fastest when it came to his turn. When his name was called, he was so eager and speedy that all the mums had a chuckle, clearly this was a kid that is ready to stretch his wings in an academic environment.

After that the parents had to go next door for our own lesson, and we left the kids to their own devices. After an hour or so I snuck back in to take a picture (you HAVE to take a picture of a kids first day of school!).

This program runs for 4 weeks with kids who are going to a variety of schools in the area. After this program the school runs another one, and after that there is another one we can choose to do – all up, it is 17 weeks of school prep, running from now until the end of the year. Hopefully, we’ll both be ready by then!

2 thoughts on “School Transition”

  1. Most schools run a transition program, but because our school is in a “challenging” area, there are three programs. This one is 5 weeks, run by the “Schools as Communities” program, the second one is run by the school, and I don’t know anything about the third one (yet – more details as they come to hand).


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