I did make a joke about a broken leg

So that would probably be a logical next disaster – I’m looking on todays sprain as good fortune 🙂

Between the hurry leg and a last minute opportunity to do a stats refresher course on the weekend, we won’t be heading up to Pearl Beach as planned. But at least I’m not sick (just a throat tickle and a cough), and I have a chance to learn some of the 100 level stats I am supposed to know before I start 200 level stats (my major source of anxiety this semester).

2 thoughts on “I did make a joke about a broken leg”

  1. Good luck with Stats. I sucked at Epidemiology. How did you go changing courses. Fingers and toes crossed.

    I have decided on a Teachers Aide course rather than uni. Being expat I need to be able to take summer off etc with the kids. Hopefully it will be something transferrable across countries.

    Well that’s the plan anyway!


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