Adding insult to injury


On the way to buy gin after finding out that my baby died about a week and a half ago, I slipped in the rain (spectacularly), and took a chunk of skin out I my left knee, and a bigger one out of my left foot.

At home now, with painkillers, gin, and good friends, waiting to miscarry.

Thanks mum and dad for looking after Squishy.

10 thoughts on “Adding insult to injury”

  1. Oh Lara…

    I’m so sorry.

    So sad, for all of you.

    Sending you huge cyberhugs.

    Hope you have lots of people bringing real ones.

    Very sorry about your fall too.

    Some days the world is just blindingly unfair.

    Shall be thinking of you even moreso over the coming days & weeks.

    Susan xx


  2. Lara I’m so sorry your baby has passed away, I hope your foot at least heals quickly, since the heart wil take longer and no doubt hurt more Lots of hugs to you and mark too, and some gin as well


  3. Oh, Lara! Big love from over here, sure gin is a good approach, at least it’ll help stop the foot hurting, if nothing else. Love to you all.


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