First day of preschool


Ready for school – Mark went in to work late, and we all cycled to preschool together. He asked us to wait for 5 minutes, but was then happy to let us go.

20120130-093841.jpgLast seen playing by himself, I am hopeful that he will make friends and that he will come home looking forward to going again tomorrow. Waiting till 3.30pm to find out how is is doing is so hard!

Now, on to Chad…

3 thoughts on “First day of preschool”

  1. Does your Kinder last all day?? Wow. We only really have all day Kinder in remote areas, otherwise it is mornings or afternoons. He looks very ready for school though, its obviously a serious and responsible job he has to do there!!


  2. Aww, how adorable is he (though for one scary moment I looked at that first pic and thought his curls had met the chop).

    Dont wait till 3.30 if you dont want to. I felt no qualms about phoning on the first morning I dropped each of mine at preschool. I didnt anticipate any problems (and there were none) but it was good to reassure myself.

    Which preschool did you end up at?


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