8 thoughts on “Meet Ermentrude”

  1. Gorgeous! That’s exactly the type I envisioned myself getting. When I spoke to the cycle shop people though and mentioned commuting, they steered me to the more practical, less fanciful styles. I’m still slightly disappointed.


    1. Though I am not planning on riding to Melbourne, I was wanting to get a practical bike too. Ermentrude (though fanciful) does fall into the “city bike” category. She has 8 gears, and hybrid style tyres, so though she is very sexy, she is also quite practical for a lardy matron like moi. I used to ride a lot, but that was 15 years and about 50 kilos ago.

      Plus, she was about $150 cheaper than the more practical styles that I looked at 🙂


  2. Wow Lara, awesome bike!

    Totally jealous, just the kind of bike I’ve dreamed of, love love the basket too! For me, it’s a case of maybe next time as I’ve
    gone the 2nd hand on eBay option which has the price going for it but is nowhere near as sexy as ermentrude..

    Can’t wait to see pics of Inigo’s half bike and you both riding.


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