Uni update

I got a letter from UAC today – they needed me to provide a certified copy of my marriage certificate, and certified copies of both my ABA qualifications.

Much to my astonishment, I managed to find all the documents I needed (with a bit of help from mum), get copies, get the copies certified, and get them in the post – all in one day.

I also had another chat with a UAC phone jockey, who said that main round offers are not until the 18th of January. I have the option of paying about $120 and getting my application turned into an ATAR like number (so that I can have a rational assessment of my chances of getting in to the course I want at the uni I want). Or I can wait.

It’s going to be a long wait.

2 thoughts on “Uni update”

  1. With your marks? Dont worry.

    Seriously, my current degree is a postgrad in Engineering. I got in without having done the pre-requisite undergraduate degree. They were quite happy to take my money.

    Mature age students are well regarded. Mature age students with a recent history of academic sucess? They love them.


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