Twinkle twinkle

Here is our $5 K-Mart tree, with a lot of bling, including two dragonflies for the two members of our family that wont be with us this year.

Squish is loving the lights, and the sparkles, and the advent envelopes every day. Today, we counted up the money he has put in his piggy bank over the year, and tomorrow we are going to the toy shop so he can choose his own toy, and buy it with his own money. Its a nod to a tradition from my maternal grandparents. They would save up small change all year, and before Christmas each year Nanna would take us in to the bank in Martin Place where dad worked. Dad would put the money through the counting machine, and then give my brother and I the money, that we would then spend on Christmas presents for family, and choose something for ourselves. We would have fish and chips in Hyde Park, and then lit a candle in St Marys Cathedral.

And I am starting to enjoy Inigo’s joy in everything Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Twinkle twinkle”

  1. It’s a completely different thing with children! Older Grandson’s pleasure at looking at lights never seems to diminish – even though he sees the same lights over and over!


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