Blog death

The blog keeps falling over, and unfortunately Mark can’t get to it to fix it through the firewall at his work, so it was down for rather a long time from Friday till late last night. I suppose that is an indication that life goes on even without the blog – but apologies anyway.

Yesterday Mark and I took Inigo to the movies for the first time. The candidates were “Puss in Boots”, which would have been our preference, and “Arthur Christmas”, which our darling boy had a strong preference for. At least it was an Aardman film, so it wasn’t a crass American extravaganza (no offence to the Septics, but the English do tend to have a touch more restraint).

He sat still through almost all of it, but sat on my lap eating popcorn for the last 20m or so, which I rather enjoyed. Apart from the whole adventure being way too expensive (around $70 including popcorn, water, and parking), it was gorgeous to see his excited little face, thrilled by the whole experience.

4 thoughts on “Blog death”

    1. It wasnt one I would rave about, but we definitely enjoyed the experience. And I dont have to explain how Santa delivers all those presents in the time frame 😉


  1. We’ve taken the kids to the drive in at blacktown a couple of times. Fun! We’ve taken them to the cinema only once because it’s so ridiculously expensive, but I am desperate to see Hugo so we may go again during the hols.


  2. I remember when Alex went to the cinema for the first time 🙂 It’s lovely seeing that fascination on their little faces. Inigo is gorgeous as always!


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