One year ago

I was told that both my babies were dead. Then that they were both alive. I’d been on bedrest for almost a week, and missing out on the wonderful change in the seasons. Maree made dinner. It was a memorable day.

Today, we went to a local park with friends, ate Lebanese pizza, and then cleaned up loads and loads of broken glass so the kids were safe. Then I sat in the sun and knitted while Inigo and Mark played hide and seek.

Inigo decided today that all of us would die, and then we would find Archie and Aubrey, and then we would all grow up again, and then we would all come home and live happily together.

I think he just invented Buddhism.

5 thoughts on “One year ago”

  1. Omg, beth orton is on the ipod. This song is so sad and it came on just as i was reading todays post. Lyrics, i wish i never saw the sunshine, and if i never saw the sunshine, then maybe i wouldn’t mind the rain, And i know there would not be this cloud that’s over me, everywhere i go.


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