Rainbow Boy


Today we had a 3rd birthday party, and a 1st. Two parties in one day. A recipe for chaos.

The day started well – see the outfit above.

And the first party was fun. A train theme, with a real train ride, Lebanese pizza, good friends, and happy kids.

Then the cake. And the kids were so excited. They were crowding around. Touching the cake. An adult slapped a child. A little slap. And though I haven’t read “The Slap“, I get it. I don’t quite know how to deal with the ramifications.

Mark had to go to work. We got a parking ticket. Inigo was horribly tired. And over sugared.

So by the time we arrived at the second party, I was at my limit for crap.

Inigo asked for more cake. I said no. He took some anyway. I reminded him of the no more cake edict. He lost his shit and headbutted an antique table. A bump the size of a large grape grew on his head, the screaming could be heard for miles, and I burst into tears and fled into the backyard. There is more (and of course the hot chocolate/airport incident), but you get the drift.

Many of the guests I had not seen in over a year, some not since the funeral, some longer.

How wonderful to make such a spectacular tit of yourself in such a public and irreversible way.

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Boy”

  1. Well the boy does look magnificent in his rainbow outfit… as to the rest – file it away under shit that just happens. coz sometimes the fates will conspire that way my darling


  2. Just read The Slap. Its a terrible book that trivialises a poignant issue written by someone who appears to be trying to claim a little credibility by including real language, drug use and intimate scenes. Seems to be more a comment on new age touchy feely parenting rather than the actual slap of the title.


    1. Ooo- thanks for that insight Meg! I only knew about it from book reviews, and people talking about the ripples that an act like that can have. Now looking at what happened on Sunday, I can focus a bit more clearly, but it was pretty awful at the time!


  3. This sort of stuff happens to SOMEONE every time there’s an exciting event including tired parents and children. A joyful combination.

    Just had a week away in a too small house with 23 people among them 6 young kids and 4 parents, 3 grandparents, various aunts and uncles. Many varieties of shit on many occasions. Can only laugh and enjoy being home!

    Haven’t read the book either – looked at it several times, so good to get the review here!


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