Parenting Expo

I am slowly easing my way back into ABA volunteering, and yesterday I did a few hours at the expo. It was fine, but one conversation made me want to scream.

Very obviously pregnant lady approaches…

Lara – Hi, do you need some information?

VOPL – I’m having twins.

Lara – (Grits teeth) Congratulations.

VOPL – yeah, right. Do you want one?

Lara – (In my own head, I say, “yes, desperately. I want both of them). Outwardly, I just smile. If only she knew what I had been through, she would never think those things, let alone say them to a perfect stranger.

But I understand. After the shock, and the pain, I understand.

5 thoughts on “Parenting Expo”

    1. Thanks Kinia. I was actually pretty proud of myself in that moment for not screaming – but I suppose all of those really hard conversations with Inigo are good training for keeping my composure when I want to scream.


  1. Wow, you sure chose the lion’s den to to dip your proverbial toe back in the ABA water (IYKWIM)…

    Well done for keeping it together under extreme pressure. I find it amazing the things some people say aloud without really thinking (or hopefully meaning).

    Maybe next time go to a nice cosy group meeting and someone will hopefully give you a hug & a cuppa!


    1. Thanks Susan 🙂

      I actually really like the expo, because most of the people you talk to are having their first baby, so they are still full of optimisim and promise, they haven’t yet discovered the cynicism of the sleep deprived parent. I think this year I just happened to be the magnet for all of the twin mums who didn’t breastfeed their first and wanted to BF twins. I applaud their courage, and really do want to help.

      I am still glad I did it, no matter how personally challenging it is!


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