Without mentioning any names….

Friend A had a relationship that turned sour. She was pregnant with his child, so stuck it out, and things got worse and worse. When she began to fear for her baby’s life, she left.

Two years down the track, he has served legal papers on her, asking for a court to decide custody arrangements. Previously she was forced into mediation (which is not appropriate for abuse cases, but it keeps things out of court). While the mediation was being arranged, the court papers arrived. To her home address. A day of frantic calls later, and she finds out that the lawyer for the ex partner has released A’s address to the abuser.

So now she has to move, with two children under 3. No refuge was available, so she has had to leave all her animals in her old place (the ex who has the address has also got a history of threatening harm to the animals), and stay in a motel for the night.

Now, she has to move interstate so that he doesn’t know where she is.

All this after another disgruntled father kills his ex and their child, and himself.

No wonder she is frightened.

One thought on “Without mentioning any names….”

  1. Big love to her from the fairy odd parent… tell her I am surrounding her with White Light.


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