Happy Mothers Day

Red – this one is for you. I know how you value correct punctuation 😉

Mothers Day and I have a turbulent history. This year wasn’t too bad, but the day before, and the day after were tough. Thank you to everyone who contacted me to let me know you were thinking of me. Knowing that others still expect me to be hurting makes it easier to get through the days. I often feel that six months is enough time to be getting on with things, but I know that is unrealistic.

And next Monday is my 41st birthday. No longer just 40 – soon I’ll be “over 40”.

As for my psych essay, there are over 900 students in my course, so we’ve been informed that it could take 4-6 weeks to get results back. I am trying not to sweat it.

5 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day”

  1. That’s me: Apostrophe Girl. Which reminds me – my apostrophes often get stripped from the comments on your blog, which is a weird quirk that makes me antsy, because I do hate to be seen to miss one.


    1. Don’t worry – I don’t think the apostrophe police read here any more 🙂

      And Issy, yes, a catch up would be great. Name the date!


  2. I’m sorry I am too caught up in my own messes to be properly supportive, and glad you have friends who are more considerate 🙂

    Want to go to Spotlight sometime? I should have a car again in a few weeks.


  3. Lara, I lost my dad in January 2010. I am not over it fifteen months later; and a friend (who is a counsellor) tells me that’s normal. Please don’t be too hard on yourself.



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