Mama, why is it five o’clock?

“I don’t know baby, is it five o’clock?” – looks at clock. It’s 5.05pm.

“How did you know it was five o’clock?

Inigo points at the clock.

That kid just amazes me and amazes me. He’ll be three and a half at the end of this month, and is just going leaps and bounds with his learning. This morning (after multiple free trials), we bought a reading eggs subscription for him, and he is starting to read words of up to three letters. Everywhere we go, I have to read sign to him, and if I happen to get one wrong (or read the wrong sign), he often corrects me. For a while, he’s been able to read the names of all his nearest and dearest, and now he is also starting to spell them too. And for mothers day, I got a card that said “Inigo (heart) Mama”. He wrote all the letters himself – but daddy drew the heart for him to trace over.

I certainly don’t think he is the most brilliant child that ever lived, but watching him learn is so much fun, and every day is a new surprise.

And the emotional stuff is amazing too. This morning we were looking at a picture of Archie, and he said, “that’s Archie. He is my brother, but he died. I loved Archie”.

Inigo on the bus to the marina from the airport.

3 thoughts on “Mama, why is it five o’clock?”

    1. Thanks Lynne 🙂 I do enjoy him. I think that having A+A has enhanced my appreciation of him, as has going to uni. Having a life outside my baby makes me love him even more 🙂


  1. OMG – I was about five or six before I could read the time on a clock (but then I was nearly 20 before I could tell left from right with any confidence)He is awesome like his parental units and hanging out with him is fabulous… I have never met a kid that greets you with Hello – Lets read this book cant wait to hear his stories about the holiday!


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