What else do I need?

Inigo and I have been doing some gardening this morning. During a quiet moment, he put his arms around me and asked, “Are you OK mama?”.

I said, “Yes baby, of course. I have you and I have daddy, what else do I need?”.

“Archie and Aubrey”, he said.

Yesterday it was six months since my beautiful boy left us. I did nothing to commemorate the day, but I did think about him a lot. Six months, and my world has entirely changed. I’ve lost friends, gained friends, drunk a lot, gained a lot of weight, and cried a lot of tears.

I wonder what the next six months will bring.

6 thoughts on “What else do I need?”

  1. I was just thinking of you and wondering how mothers day was going for you. I cant believe six months have gone by since Archie was born.

    Inigo is such a sensitive sweetie.


  2. Thinking of you yesterday and talking to Lauren about your adventure. I was thinking of you when we saw Babies, you spring into my mind a lot. I hope it was good to escape for a bit. Im sorry you feel sad, but its part of the journey, as you know. A bugger, eh? Sending you warmth and strength as you hurdle through. xxxx


  3. Naaaaaw… your big boy is too gorgeous.

    I seriously hope, and am quietly confident, that the next 6 months will be a little easier on your mama heart.

    Also hope you had a lovely, if bittersweet, mothers day.

    Susan xx


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