Bread. Yes, again.

I first posted about the bread here.

Then here after I refined the recipe a little.

But now I’ve done a final re-jig to make the recipe work for me. I buy flour in 2kg bags, so I asked my maths man to do the numbers so I didn’t have to measure 13 cups of flour each time.

So now I use 2kg of flour, 4 tablespoons of bakers yeast, 2 tablespoons of salt, and 1.6 litres of warm water. Mix, and dump into a tub that will go into the fridge.

What I have found is that I can just throw a lump of dough into a bread pan lined with baking paper and it makes a nice dense, almost sourdough like loaf. If you like, you can also brush it with milk and scatter sesame seeds, caraway seeds, poppy seeds, or my favourite, nigella seeds on top before baking.

Or, you can work the dough a little, and leave it in the pan to warm up to room temperature before baking for a lighter loaf.

You can also use wholemeal flour, with exactly the same recipe.

And it makes wonderful french toast, and after a day, fantastic dippers for your baked brie. Recipe to come one day….

5 thoughts on “Bread. Yes, again.”

  1. Having sampled your bread and loved it (pizza making lessons from Iggy were heaps of fun!) I will definitely give it a try, although I really need to learn how to use my oven without either burning or completely undercooking.


    1. Maybe get a thermometer so you can see if the thermostat is broken? The bread needs to be cooked at quite a high temperature, I set my oven on about 250°.


  2. Sounds so easy! so can you fit 2kg worth of flour into a food processor with dough attachment or do you mix by hand? I’m super keen to try this out with spelt flour. 😀


    1. I mix it with a big wooden spoon in a big metal bowl. You really don’t have to knead it, but if you want to you can tear off a chunk and knead it before you stick it in the oven.


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