Another first world problem solved


I used to have a nifty bit of software called Blue Phone Elite, which allowed me to type SMS’s on my laptop and send them from my phone via bluetooth.

But then the developer went and got a real job, and stopped supporting it, which meant I never got it to work with my iPhone. Small price to pay for having an iPhone, but I was starting to show my age with my monosyllabic text replies.

“yes”, in reply to a younger friends “busy today? I have some time and it would be great to catch up, how about meeting up at the zoo, the kids will love it” was just bloody pathetic.

Now I can SMS at 50 words per minute, with no damn auto correct!

Thank you SMS Sender(free) and SMS Client ($2.49).

(picture is of my beautiful boy at the zoo today, waiting for the seal show to start)

4 thoughts on “Another first world problem solved”

  1. I haven’t been to the zoo since DD was very young – today she is 25!

    Hope you enjoyed the day.

    I text in full words with complete punctuation – thanks to the dictionary option; if I use text-speak, WM wonders who sent the message!

    BTW,I have a basic Nokia purchased new for $49 last year – no camera, no internet, but I can send and receive phone calls, SMS and picture messages which are all the functions I need. SIL has an iPhone and spends most of his life on it – even when visiting family or friends.


    1. Happy Birthday DD!

      We’ve been spending a bit of time at the zoo. I am a bit conflicted about it, but Inigo loves it 🙂

      And yes, the iPhone can be addictive. Though to be fair, I know some people who can’t leave the phone alone, who would just play with something else if they didn’t have a phone!


  2. does that work with international phone numbers as well? My cousin in Netherland and I (in Canada) both got WhatsApp but neither one of us could get it to work.



    1. I think it would Grace – it’s not as seamless as my previous software, but it is cheap, and fairly user friendly! It is in the US app store, so I’m pretty sure it works anywhere, as long as you have a wireless network at home.


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