A Squishy being squished

As a precaution after the accident last week, both Squish and I went to the physio. At first he was quite scared, but after I showed him a few of the bits of equipment, and opened up the curtains so he could see out, he relaxed a little bit. I told him that the physio was a special kind of doctor that knew all about muscles and joints, and that she wouldn’t do anything scary or painful. I told him that our physio is also a mama, and she knew how to be gentle with little kids.


Now he wants to know when we can go back!

PS. The car (Bernard) is fixed. We had a service done, and the rear brakes were pooped. Which means that it might not have been all my fault after all. But I was driving a car that had dodgy brakes. ARGH!

5 thoughts on “A Squishy being squished”

  1. Glad you guys are all good – a car accident is never on the top of anyone’s to do list for very good reasons!!!


  2. How can that child be so cute even when you can only see the back of his head?

    Too cute!

    (and – bodgy brakes – eep)


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