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The pain of the last few weeks is getting better. I’ve submitted my first assignment, and have only to wait for results. Mark is moments away from booking our fabulous free holiday (Fiji, a few nights in a posh resort, and a few nights in an even posher hotel). Inigo is giving me (and asking for) lots, and lots, and lots of love. He is a little bit worried that we are going to run short of love because we are using so much of it, but I have assured him that the supply is infinite.

So I am going to continue to add little bits of good stuff to the blog to keep posting something, anything, that isn’t maudlin and depressing.

Here are a few things I came across today that lifted my mood a little, so I thought I would share.

Via Sally, an article about a lace knitting Master. Nothing earth shattering, but lovely.

Nature thrives in Chernobyl. Awesome. Even though we have irradiated the whole area, just the fact that we have left the area alone for so long has meant that the flora and fauna are thriving, despite the radiation.

Baby Lily (Maree’s new baby, she was due the day after Archie and Aubrey were due) slept in my arms for over an hour today. I think she likes me.

I’m doing a naming ceremony for a friends baby in a few weeks, and I finally got the draft ceremony completed. And I have a wedding coming up in September!

Oh, and I found out that next year I can do a subject called “Psychology for Parents” (or something like that), which sounds really interesting!

And my last “thing” is about my hair – it’s been falling out drastically for about 6 weeks now. My hairline has noticeably receded, and I feel like my hair has reduced in volume by about 50%. You can also see my scalp where before my hair used to be very thick. I know some hairloss is normal after pregnancy, but this is getting to the point where it’s not normal. I spoke to a lactation consultant who said that my loss is beyond what is normal after a pregnancy, and is probably related to the stress and shock of what I have been through. This makes sense, as my fingernails also have a noticeable ridge… Anyway, that all sounds crappy, but the GOOD news is that my hair will probably grow back.

I bloody well hope so, I’d look crap as a baldy.

5 thoughts on “Nice Stuff”

  1. I reckon you ‘d look pretty cool as a baldy 🙂

    I lost hair by the fistful after Hugo was born and it turned out to be related to iron deficiency for me. Yours sounds more severe though – mine certainly wasn’t 50% gone.

    Maybe your next knitting project should be a hat.


  2. Re the hair loss, that’s approx what a hairdresser once said to me. I had a noticeable regrowth mark, a line above my ears where a lot of fuzzy ends were. He asked what happened X months ago, and I realised it was when Grandma was terminally ill & died.

    He said that, because hair has a cycle (grow, stable, fall out, regrow), I’d go through phases of moulting in future.


  3. The lace article was interesting reading, wasn’t it?

    That’s wonderful news about Chernobyl.

    Congratulations on the bookings of a naming ceremony and a wedding.

    And just in case Indigo isn’t giving you enough *hugs*


  4. Greetings! I’m playing blog catch-up today.
    Your free holiday choice sounds entirely spiffy and I totally agree on the infinite love theory. (Good one!)

    I’ve also heard the theory that if you feel down – smile. That the physical action does truly have an effect on the psyche.
    I wonder if positive thoughts/blogging would work the same way?

    “Debriefing” via the blog…what you’ve been doing…might be what you need sometimes too. Support is offered, either way.


  5. Significant hair loss can also be related to thyroid problems – worth investigating at any rate. And, big congratulations on your high distinction!


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