A lesson learned. Or maybe two.

One. Never apply for university on the evening that applications close. You are bound to make a rookie mistake, like applying for a course you have no hope of getting into, and neglecting to make sensible choices about your second and third preferences.

I put “Bachelor of Psychology with Honours” as my first preference. Which I had no hope of getting into without an ATAR of about 90 (or equivalent in work experience, or study, etc).

Then I put Social work as my second choice. I got into social work.

Two. When you make a mistake, or don’t get what you want, ALWAYS ASK FOR FORGIVENESS. Or help, or a favour, or whatever. But always ask. Because if you don’t ask, you won’t get. And if you do ask, you might just get…

…offered a place in a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences!!!!

And if I can maintain good results, I might get to do the honours year down the track, and still become a psychologist.

So now I am choosing subjects, and trying to navigate my way around the uni web services, with a view to starting on Valentines day.

12 thoughts on “A lesson learned. Or maybe two.”

  1. It’s quite a potential nightmare BUT the UNE online student services are amazing and it doesn’t take long to get your head around it. Babe, we’re off to school together!


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