My doctors have decided…

That despite my fever spiking again at 39.2 this afternoon, I am going to respond to the antibiotics, and will be able to go home on Saturday. I have been afebrile for most of the afternoon and evening, but woke up about an hour ago needing pain relief with another temp, 38.7 this time.

Not hopeful for Saturday yet.

Id once more like to mention how lucky I am to have such great friends. My room looks like a florists shop, and I barely have time to feel sorry for myself because of the constant influx of visitors. There may come a time when I will need some quiet, but for now, constant love and affection is keeping me breathing. I know what has happened to me is really, really shitty, but I still feel blessed to know all of you!

Oh, and we have met with the funeral directors – a lovely company that do at cost services for neonates (bless them!), and have set arrangements in place. We wont set a date though, until we are sure I am well enough to leave hospital, and stay out.

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