If I said there was a punchline, you’d assume this was the final act…

After my second round of 48hours of broad spectrum antibiotics, I am still febrile (temp over 37.5 – actually around 38.3 for the last 24 hours), so they have finally done an abdominal ultrasound, and found what looks like a pocket of ooze (that is a technical term), and also what looks like a significant abscess.

I haven’t spoken to Team Lara (Roshni, Rena and Armani, my gorgeous doctors), but I am assuming this means more surgery.

10 thoughts on “If I said there was a punchline, you’d assume this was the final act…”

  1. Sorry to stalk you on here Lara, but I wanted you to know that your family have been in my thoughts for days now. It is so unfortunate that you have to go through being so unwell at this terrible time. I hope that a speedy recovery is in order for you once they remove the pocket of ooze. I think that naming your Aubrey Michael after your nannas experience is just so precious and such a lovely thing to do, Im sure it makes a big difference to her, even after all these years. You are so strong and such an inspiration, even in such bleak times. Hugs to your whole famly, you are an absolute shining light in my eyes.



  2. Bugger. You know Id be there to help with the ooze if theyd let me. I have minestrone ingredients on standby – just say the word!


  3. Wow, I hope the universe stops throwing things at you for a while. Get well soon, lovely lady. Rest up and heal body & heart.

    Its a long trek up to Granville for me & Mr Wiggins, but when you get home if you need company from a couple of geeks, just say the word 🙂


  4. Oh no! I was keeping all my fingers crossed that you would get much better today and be released from gaol.

    Ill keep all my fingers crossed that they can sort this out easily and least invasively as possible.



  5. oh Lara – this is all too familiar. I have another friend who went through this 11 months ago now. pprom, emergency c-sect, infection meaning D was only with us less than a day, and my friend on several courses of ABx. I think she needed 2 lots of repeat surgery, and nearly 6 months to recover fully – please hassle them if youre still not well to fix it sooner than that.
    Still thinking of you, Mark, Inigo, Archie and Aubrey often. speedy physical recovery vibes blasting your way (the rest in its own time). xox
    Ange T


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