Mark and Lara pleased to announce the birth of their second beautiful son, and deeply saddened to share the news of his death.


Archimedes Hare Nettle. Born 5/11/10 at 10:59pm, died 6/11/10 7am. We had eight hours of hope, and a very special morning saying goodbye. Inigo has met his little brother, and on hearing of his death said, we’ll have to get another baby. Ah, the simple innocence of youth.

Thank you for all of your warm messages of support for our little family, that seems even smaller today.

Thanks to Fi for taking the time to help us celebrate and commemorate our beautiful baby’s too short life.

56 thoughts on “Announcement”

  1. Dear Lara, Mark and Inigo,
    I am thinking of you so much at this sad time. I am so sorry you only got to have Archimedes Hare for such a short while. He looks absolutely beautiful. You are not alone. Lots of Love, Jen and Ulysses


  2. Lara, I stumbled over here from another site, but I just wanted to tell you how amazing you are. Archie and Aubrey – beautiful babies, brought into the world and lost, yet you are greeting the world with a sense of humour and helping others to help you.

    Sending you some love from the universe in general, and wishing you a peaceful life, speedy recovery and much happiness to come.


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