12 week scan

For a start, let me complain about how freaking much this cost. $390 in Wahroonga, for a scan that is bulk billed (ie. free) in Penrith. That is the basic difference between the leafy North Shore, and Bogan central. Well, call me a bogan, but I resent being sniffed at by a receptionist in pearls and paying a million dollars for the privilege.

Right, so now I have that mundane detail out of the way, now I can moan about the actual scan. There is an issue with how twin 2 is lying, and the sonographer just couldn’t get a decent look at all the details they are supposed to check at the 12 week scan.

There are a couple of slight irregularities – twin 1 has only one artery in the umbillical cord (it should have two), and twin two has less amniotic fluid than twin one. That, and the fact that they can’t check the blood flow in the liver, etc, and they think I should do another scan in 3-4 weeks to rule out any problems.

It all sounds very reasonable and not scary when you put it like that, but being on the other end of the phone when hearing the news wasn’t a happy feeling, and I am still feeling pretty scared now. I’ll see the OB tomorrow to talk about it, but basically, I have three weeks to wait to find out if there is a reason to worry, or if everything is normal.

I keep hoping that the boring and mundane stage of this pregnancy will kick in soon, but I suppose that is too much to ask for?

One thought on “12 week scan”

  1. Do they think that the subchorionic hematoma/SUA could be one causing the other? As you were told, SUAs happen *all* the time. Are the babies in separate sacks? Are there two placentas?

    Ugghh… you could really use a break. It might all be terribly normal (or “within normal parameters”…) but when it’s your babies, it sucks.

    Crossing fingers for boring and mundane…


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