1. Why didn’t Courtney get a welcome home party after her elimination? Everyone else is shown going home, and then there is a little recap about what they have been doing since they left the competition. Thanks Dad for pointing that out.

2. Yesterday I went with a friend for her 12 week scan, and apart from 10 minutes of violent purging as soon as I woke up, I was pretty much ok all day, just on one Zofran,and one Restavit. So I thought things were looking up.

3. Until this morning. And that is all I’ll say about that.

4. Today, dad gave Inigo a branch with four pine cones on it. Inigo is into counting things at the moment and he counted each pinecone, and came up with four as the total. It’s happened before, but he seems to be getting more consistent with his counting. Clever chicken.

5. Tomorrow is my 12 week scan. Not enormously stressed about it, but a little bit worried. I’m still bleeding, and have had some cramping. It’s a good thing I feel so sick, it keeps me feeling pregnant!

6. As some canny readers have noticed, I was on the tele on Tuesday night. Channel 10 have this clever idea about interviewing the residents of Abbot St, Sydney (a Labor seat) and Gillard St in Melbourne (a Liberal seat). So they knocked on my door last week, and I dragged myself away from the vomitarium for long enough to give them a few pithy comments about my socialist ideals. It’s an ongoing series they are doing, so you might catch me again. And I promise to make an effort to look less scraggy next time.

2 thoughts on “Stuff”

  1. I read somewhere, who know where, that is one of The Masterchef contestants has already been eliminated and then returns and is eliminated again, they don;t get another going home scene.
    Oh Restavit is a wonderful thing!! Very calming!!


  2. Re point 1.

    My 7 year-old noticed too. Hubby reckons its because Courtney went home once beofre and got her farewell party then…?

    Me, I’ll just be glad when the series is over and said 7 y.o. is in bed at a more parent-friendly hour each night…

    … and maybe then our 19 month old will actually eat her dinner again, rather than doing a MAsterchef with it – i.e. mixing all the food & drink together & throwing it around.

    So glad you are in good spirits, despite recent big surprises – hope tomorrow’s scan goes well.


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