The Guts Man found a polyp and gastritis, and took a few biopsies, the results of which I will get on Saturday.

In the meantime, I get to go back on the iron tabs, and stop eating wheat – one of which was making me feel heaps better, but I had to revert so that the tests wouldn’t be a waste of time.

Oh, and I have gastric reflux, which I have known for about 4 years, but now I can see a picture of it.

And the worst part? A toss up between the foul liquids you have to drink before hand (and the fasting for nearly 2 days), and the horrible, violent liquid diarrhoea, which I still have, despite being allowed to eat this afternoon.

The best bit? Apparently I’ve lost 6 kilos since I’ve been ill. No idea where I left them, but having no appetite might have something to do with it!

So. Now to play happy and nice until Saturday without freaking out.

5 thoughts on “Awake”

  1. Just a thought, have you been tested for H. pylori? (my PhD is coming back to haunt you). Causes gastritis, can cause iron deficiency (from memory) and can be treated with antibiotics (albeit fairly potent ones – although this may have changed in the 10 years since I stopped caring about this bug πŸ˜‰


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