Bloody Doctors!

With the exception of highly valued friends, who are currently practicing medicine in the UK, and anyone who I haven’t seen in a professional capacity since I moved to Granville, but I am currently really pissed of with the Bulk Billing GP species.

Again I am dealing with dueling diagnoses.  It’s not glandular fever, Grouchy Granville GP confirmed that with a blood test.

I have Iron Deficiency.

Which he told me by printing off a script, telling me I needed iron tablets, and practically shoving me out the door.  I haven’t had low iron EVER in my life, no matter how horrible my diet, or what I did to myself (night clubbing all night, living on boiled rice, mars bars and beer….).  So this is a) a bit of a shock, and b) something I feel like I need a bit more information about.

Like – how low was my result?  Am I really deficient and at risk of anemia, or do I just need to eat more spinach and kiwi fruit?  Like – should I stop giving blood for a while?  Are the iron tablets made of animal products?  Because I think I’d rather have a steak than a tablet if I’m going to be killing a cow anyway.  And how about how long it will take till I feel better.  Maybe – is there an underlying cause that bears some investigation?

And maybe – how the hell can I find a GP that actually gives a shit about my health?

Here is a picture of a small boy eating a banana on the roof of a car.


13 thoughts on “Bloody Doctors!”

  1. Ahh yes – bloody hell it can be a battle with the bulk billers…

    They used to test your haeme levels when you give blood and if you are below are certain level then you cannot donate – maybe ask them next time you go if they still do that….


    1. They still test, and my levels have always been fine. They don’t take blood unless your haem is ok, but I think that iron isn’t directly related to haem. Still trying to work things out!


  2. I agree. Doctors are useless. I have a few friends who are doctors and they seem fine in a social setting but I think they must lose it a bit when they get behind their desk.

    It is awful when you are made to feel as though you are being silly wanting to know actual information about your own body and health but so many doctors practice this style of consultation – or rather dictation. As though you wouldn’t understand anyway.

    I also found that when I was a vego doctors had
    a bent towards my being iron deficient. I lived on two minute noodles for a couple of povo years and then had two kids and never once had low iron though.I would be very suspicious that this doctor has just decided to fob you off.


  3. I love teh GPs (most of them anyway) at the practise where I go and where I take Alex. One of them is particularly thorough. If you’re interested, they’re at Lindfield.Give me a ring.

    Oh, and they only bulkbill if you’re under 16 or over 55


  4. My GP is in Parramatta, and she bulk bills, and I love her.

    She has as much time for you as you need, never treats you like a moron, and actually cares about you.

    Her name is Sandya Wanigaratne and she’s at the Parramatta Central Medical Centre in Church Street. If she’s not available, Anu Singanamala is pretty good too, though she’s a bit of a ditherer.

    Only down side is the wait time can be long so I say either make an appointment early in the day, or be on their doorstep when they open at 8.


  5. Hi red,
    I agree Sandhya is the best. Dr. Anu is good as well but not as good as Dr. Sandhya. However, couple of years back, Dr. Sandhya moved away from the centre and nobody tells me where is she? Do u know her whereabouts?


  6. Dr. Anu Singanamala is good and been my GP but she has left parramatta central medical centre and I don’t have any of her whereabouts. Can some one please tell me where she is now working? I have to see her for a test.


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