Dear Internets…

I don’t believe in prayers, but if you do, please pray. If you don’t believe in prayers, please send vibes, healing energy, good wishes, light, whatever it is you do believe in.

My darling friend Anna and her husband Rob put their little girl Lara to bed on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday morning she was dead.

I am still in shock as I write these words, and I know that nothing but time will make Anna and Rob breathe again. I also know that the next days weeks, months and years will be unbearably painful for them, but that they must go on for the sake of their other gorgeous daughter.

We celebrated Lara’s 3rd birthday on the third of May this year.

14 thoughts on “Dear Internets…”

  1. That is so dreadful there are hardly words. Was this little girl named after you by any chance or is that just a coincidence? Please make sure they know that many people will be thinking of them at what must be the worst time in anyone’s life.


    1. Anna and I are very old friends – I am sure that Lara’s name had something to do with her liking me, and liking the name, but I don’t think it was “because” of me, IYKWIM.

      Of course, Lara was very special to me, whatever the reason for her name. She was the first baby I ever knit for.


  2. my heart actually skipped a beat reading your post. What a devastating tragedy. I can’t help but feel angry for such a waste but will be sending thoughts out into the ethos for your friends.


  3. I cried reading your post. What a terrible tragedy. From the wording of your post I gather Lara was not ill when they put her to bed?? I just cannot imagine how something like that can happen and why. Very tragic, and very devastating, especially for Anna and Rob.


  4. Visited via Fe, and to express my deepest sympathies and sadness at this most horrific turn of events 😦

    I’m so sad that there’s nothing anyone can do, or say. So sad.



  5. Here from Fe’s blog.

    So terribly terribly awful and sad.
    And upsetting. xx to the family, and the little sister.

    How utterly utterly devastating 😦


  6. there is no greater loss, a child before the parents … I am over from Fe’s and am wishing I had more to offer .. you are right about it taking time … I know of no other way forward .. le


  7. Somehow you have dropped out of my RSS feed and I just caught this. I am so sorry. This is one of the worst things that can happen to a parent. There really are no words that can help, but I’m sure that your presence in their lives will make it all a tiny bit better, in the end.


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