I read somewhere that if you want children to be involved in household chores, you need to start them young.

Of course, it took longer to clean up afterward than to shuck the corn in the first place, but he had a lot of fun. And that’s the point.

4 thoughts on “Helping”

  1. The first kitchen chore I can remember DD doing was cutting mushrooms with a bread and butter knife. Sure they weren’t very presentable but they tasted the same and went down the same way. More importantly, DD was included in normal kitchen duties and learnt how to hold and use a knife.

    In fact, the first time I can remember having her in the kitchen she was six weeks old. I put her in her bouncinette and talked to her as I prepared dinner: “this is a potato.” Stimulating conversation, no?

    DD learnt to make beds, dust, vacuum and use the dustpan and broom. Not perfect but a good all round household education.

    I also taught her to iron at four by lowering the ironing board to her height, helping her to smooth out the hankies and then holding her hand which was holding the iron [tricky,I’m left handed, she’s right handed] helped her guide the iron. Safety tips included for free!

    Somewhere I have a photo of a two year old hanging washing on a line rigged to her height! Using pegs was good gfor the fine motor skills too! And another photo of an eighteen month old washing windows!


    1. Mushrooms is a good one, thanks! We eat a lot of fungus here – and toddler chopping will be especially good for mushroom soup 🙂


  2. Aw, cute! Yes, my kid chopped mushrooms early, too. Another great task is shelling broad beans (you also get the count the beans in each one). And sorting laundry.


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