Life is full of challenges

And today had more than it’s fair share!

I’ve been stressing about today, I agreed to give a presentation at a Breastfeeding Education Class about positioning and attachment. To twenty people. Far out. Weddings are all about emotion, so while you’re talking to a hundred people, you have a script, and people are so high on the romance and joy of the day that they don’t really notice if you miss something.

Expectant parents are a very different crowd – some are very well informed, others know very little. All of them have paid money to learn a little more about the joys and possible pitfalls of infant feeding, and having to present factual information to such a large and enthusiastic audience was something that I was quite worried about.

Despite my intense nervousness, it went well. Two people left a comment on the feedback form saying that they really enjoyed my part of the presentation, which is far better feedback than I ever hoped to get. So I left on a bit of a high, and didn’t pay much attention to the fact that the car was almost out of fuel. I thought I’d make it to a petrol station on Parramatta Road. I was wrong.

Word to the wise – when waiting for the tow truck on a cold and raining night, turn off the GPS, turn off the radio, and turn off the headlights.

Or you might end up like I did after I was towed to the petrol station. A full tank, and an empty battery. Eventually, a lovely bloke gave me a jump start, and I got home to His Squishyness much, much later than I had planned.

5 thoughts on “Life is full of challenges”

  1. Great re talk (no surprise to me that you got great feedback) and bummer re car!

    BTW, lovely to hear your dulcet tones on David’s show re WWKIP. Miss you!


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