My new love

Breville Ikon Microwave Oven.

When Mark and I first moved in together, he came with a perfectly good microwave. I hated it. With the fiery white hot heat of a thousand suns.

Sure, it microwaved things. It heated things, and then it went beep! I’m ready!

And about a minute later, it beeped again. I’m still ready!

And it went on forever, until you either pressed a button, or opened the door.

I confess, there were rather a few occasions that I fantasised about the death of that irritating (but otherwise perfectly innocent) appliance.

And then it died. Rather abruptly.

Mark insisted on doing the autopsy himself, because it’s fun, because he wants to be the sort of dad that fixes things, and because it’s cheaper. Fast forward a few weeks, a few days of microwave courpse littering the living room floor, toddler accessorising said corpse with various toys, toddler finding screws and small parts to taste, and a few trips to electronics shops for spare fuses, and it was declared officially dead.

Bing Lee has a clearance centre near us, so we decided to go there to look for a replacement. We perused available models, were assured that the incessant beeping was a “feature” that all modern microwaves have, and chose a likely replacement.

At the moment, it comes with a free set of digital scales, “Valued at $99”, and because of Chinese New Year, a free Chinese dinner set.

And when it finishes an allotted task, it beeps. Once.

Yoko Ono

Earlier today, Kris posted about Yoko Ono’s twitter feed. Like Kris, Yoko had been someone that I had admired in the past, I remember her face when John Lennon died, and to me, that face is the very picture of grief. Her love for John (and his for her) has stood as a symbol of a true meeting of minds, a loving and accepting relationship that stood the test of time.

So I logged on, and subscribed to her feed.

A few minutes ago, I got this email.

Picture 1

As promised

Reason #327 that I adore my husband –

He supports me in my crazy endeavours.

On Friday night, I came home from my ABA meeting (which was a whole ‘nother story), so find this –

Img 4719

Which, when peeled open, revealed this –

Img 4720

Which allowed me to take this –

Img 4721

And this –

Img 4723

Now, the kid is pretty gorgeous normally, but in the above pic he was actually throwing a whammy. Pretty clever lens!

And in the last picture, you’ll see a very ordinary entree starting to look like glamourous food photography. Taken in available light at the restaurant that mum and dad shouted us Valentines Day dinner at. Free babysitting, a bottle of wine, and a free meal, the perfect ending to a fab day.

If you are ever in the vicinity of Pennant Hills, and fancy a bit of Indian, check out Spices on Pennant Hills Road. The entree was a bit ordinary, and I wasn’t thrilled with the Masala Dosa, but the tomato chutney was killer (I almost asked for some to take home), and the mains we had were really lovely. I think they thought I was a restaurant reviewer when they saw the camera, they made a big fuss of the fact that we didn’t finish our meals (ordered too much food!), and then the chef came out to chat. So I feel a bit of a responsibility to talk them up a bit 😉


Love is a matter of choice.

Love is a matter of conduct.

Love is alive when it remembers, dying when it forgets and dead when it ignores.

Love is alive when it has time, dying when it is hurried and dead when it cannot wait.

Love is alive when it is giving, dying when it is exchanging and dead when it is taking.

Love is alive when it is secure, dying when it starts doubting and dead when it stops trusting.

Love is alive when it acts it’s way in to feeling and dead when it feels it’s way in to action.

One of the most profound things that our minister told us, and that I had never considered before, is that love is not about my happiness. So many people believe that if they are not happy in a relationship it is time to get out and move on. But when you base a relationship on your happiness, you base the relationship on yourself.

Relationships take work and too often they go from exciting to exhausted to expired.

The goal of any successful relationship should never be based solely on happiness. The goal of a successful relationship should be based on growth. If you can grow together and find common ground, you will have happiness. But you’ll also have a whole lot of other things that ultimately, will contribute to making the relationship stronger and more beautiful.

Stolen from Amazing Trips. Scroll down a few posts, and check out “Favourite Thing Friday”.


Mark registered to give blood recently (my brave, darling husband), and was unable to get an appointment over the phone, so I suggested her register online. He received a response, thanking him for registering, and asking him to be patient, and to please donate in a few weeks time.

The blood banks are full right now, but the patients who have burns from the fires will still be needing blood and blood products in the weeks and months to come. So don’t be put off by stories of the blood bank having all the donations they need – in the weeks to come when the fires are no longer front page news, you’ll still be needed.

P.S. Since I married him, I haven’t doubted for one second that he was the one for me. I may rant about finding his dirty socks on my pillow, or cereal bowls under the couch, but I am still convinced that he is the love of my life. Tonight, he proved it once again, and I will reveal why tomorrow…

Timor Package #2

 Users Lara Library Application-Support Ecto Attachments Exercise-Books

Another thing to take our minds off the devastation in Victoria.

Last week, Kerry’s partner Adam met her in Darwin, and they travelled together back to Timor for a weekend break. Adam was able to take our old baby scales (now that we no longer have to worry about Inigo’s weight, I thought these could be used by the child health nurses in Timor), exercise books, textas, pens and crayons for the kids at the pre-school, and some much needed money.

We ended up with $70 US, and another $50 AU that Adam was able to change at the airport. Kerry tells me that this money will be spent on food for the kids, Mana Kassian feeds the kids every day. I imagine that for some of these kids, that meal is vital.

 Users Lara Library Application-Support Ecto Attachments Img 4623
Care package for Timor Preschool

Of course everyone is thinking about what we can do to help Aussies in need, but it’s also nice to see direct action. Kerry is going to let me know how much it costs to feed these kids each week, and we are going to try to work out some form of ongoing support.