As promised

Reason #327 that I adore my husband –

He supports me in my crazy endeavours.

On Friday night, I came home from my ABA meeting (which was a whole ‘nother story), so find this –

Img 4719

Which, when peeled open, revealed this –

Img 4720

Which allowed me to take this –

Img 4721

And this –

Img 4723

Now, the kid is pretty gorgeous normally, but in the above pic he was actually throwing a whammy. Pretty clever lens!

And in the last picture, you’ll see a very ordinary entree starting to look like glamourous food photography. Taken in available light at the restaurant that mum and dad shouted us Valentines Day dinner at. Free babysitting, a bottle of wine, and a free meal, the perfect ending to a fab day.

If you are ever in the vicinity of Pennant Hills, and fancy a bit of Indian, check out Spices on Pennant Hills Road. The entree was a bit ordinary, and I wasn’t thrilled with the Masala Dosa, but the tomato chutney was killer (I almost asked for some to take home), and the mains we had were really lovely. I think they thought I was a restaurant reviewer when they saw the camera, they made a big fuss of the fact that we didn’t finish our meals (ordered too much food!), and then the chef came out to chat. So I feel a bit of a responsibility to talk them up a bit 😉

One thought on “As promised”

  1. great lens
    we have the same but for our Nikon. It’s my favourite lens. I am waiting for the 35mm to come out in March and am hoping it will be affordable!


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