My latest lust object

Since My Adorable Husband bought me the lens of my dreams, I have decided to start saving up for the “Last Kitchen Gadget I’ll Ever Need”. Of course, I will find other gadgets to covet, but this one should keep me enthralled for quite some time.

Kris linked to an aussie online shop that sells kitchen gadgets, and I found it.

The Kitchen Aid, in Caviar. Click on the picture in the link to embiggen, and see sparkly detail.

Not black, that is just black. The Caviar is SPARKLY black.

So much more useful, to have an appliance that sparkles, don’t you think?

11 thoughts on “My latest lust object”

  1. I lust after the Kitchen Aid too. It’s just like this KITCHEN ENGINE that you can attach things to. I just know I wouldn’t use it enough to justify it though.


  2. now I have lusted after one of these for a while too after using one in the USA – not only do they look good – they work really really really well …. BUT they weigh a tonne, need their own cupboard and they always have one more attachment that you really really need…….. but dont not let those small things stop you from getting one !!!!


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