More %$*&^#@ Fires

This time, it’s personal.

My friend Paige (one of the sweetest, most caring women ever to walk this earth), and her family, furry and otherwise, have been evacuated. Of course, they are all terrified.

And my darling Andrew C. (as opposed to my darling Andrew M.) is also in the area. Last I heard, he was heading home from the city to see if he still had a home to go to. He promised to text as soon as he knew anything, and I am still waiting to hear. Mind you, he still hasn’t RSVP’d for a wedding that was four years ago, he has a bit of a reputation for being unreliable.

Anyway, he promised me that he understood that he was more important than stuff, but I am still very afraid.

Paige lives in Belgrave, Andrew in Belgrave Heights. From the look of the map, Andrew and Paige back onto the same gully, on opposite sides. I don’t think I’ll sleep much tonight.

4 thoughts on “More %$*&^#@ Fires”

  1. from DSE updates

    Awareness update as at 05.00am Tuesday 24 February 2009

    The Nixon Road – Upwey fire is now contained. The fire has currently burnt 300 hectares of National Park, Melbourne Water, Private property and Shire of Yarra Ranges land.

    Significant work to consolidate the fire edge is occurring on the southern edge of the fire between Dragon track, Lysterfield and Orchid Road, Belgrave South.

    The communities of Upwey, Tecoma, Belgrave Heights, Belgrave South and Belgrave are asked to remain aware of fire activity still continuing in the area. Small pockets of unburnt scrub and trees will continue to smoulder for the next few days.

    Fire crews will today concentrate on blacking out the fire edge and ensuring that secure control lines are established. Today’s cooler weather will support these activities.

    All communities in the vicinity of this fire need to still be aware of active fire within the fire perimeter and significant smoke. Local residents are allowed to re-enter the area, but are asked to be extremely cautious and aware of the possibility of debris on the roads.

    There have been over four hundred fire agency personnel working to contain the fire.


    1. Melanie – If you keen an eye on Inigo’s outfits, you’ll notice a theme – non gender specific, and garish. Unless I let the husband dress him! And since you can sew, you’ll have no trouble whipping up a rocking wardrobe (as long as you can get some time away from the baby!).


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