Episode 497 of “Inigo Freaks Out His Mother”

Good day today – Aqua-aerobics, kid had 2 good sleeps, got through some tough challenges on the wii fit. I even got a few loads of washing done.

I should have known I was asking for trouble when I tried to get some gardening done too.

Inigo was in his cage, I was killing grass in preparation for planting some parsley, when I noticed that he had a rock in his mouth.

I raced over, threw off my gardening gloves, and reached out to him, just as he toppled over backwards. I picked him up, prised open his mouth, and found nothing.

The little blighter had swallowed it.

I’ve spoken to my GP, apparently any nasty side effects should be fairly obvious, so if he’s in pain, or spewing (more than usual), we’re off to hospital. Otherwise, a trip to the GP tomorrow for an x-ray referral and check up.

Please keep everything crossed that I make it to Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Episode 497 of “Inigo Freaks Out His Mother””

  1. I’m not laughing. Promise. Truly. Ah!!

    You’ll make it. I’ll cross everything anyway, but a few good rocks will go a long way to ensuring his immunity against all the nasties in the world.

    Ow for the other end though. Big Ow.



  2. I wonder how he managed to swallow it!? they must have big gullets or something because I couldn’t swallow a rock I am sure! I hope he doesn’t have any ill effects.

    Found out from the grandparents that Oscar has been sucking on pebbles here too, I’ll be checking his nappies from now on…


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