What a week!

Ages ago, the lovely Emily gave us some tickets to A View of Concrete at the Belvoir St Theatre, because she and Clare were heading back to Old Blighty for a week of thrills and spills (or words to that effect). We asked my parents to sit on the kid for a few hours, and life was good.

And then on Monday, Kate rang to ask if we’d like tickets to another show on Friday. Is the space pope reptilian? Of course we would! Bev & Ted took the kid for round 2, who was apparently quite charming.

Both shows were great, but A Dissapearing Number was probably the best live theatre I have ever seen. Technical whizzbangery, great performances, a compelling, profound, and human story, and sublime music by Nitin Sawhney.

We’ve been so inspired that we’ve booked tickets to Rabbit for next year. Cheap ones, but hey…

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