Trial Run

Today, I am taking the kid up to Pearl Beach, and we’re going to spend the afternoon preparing an Indian feast for a late Fathers Day. Dad was still in Vietnam for Fathers Day this year, so we’re celebrating tomorrow instead.

Mum is going to help me make some of the dishes from my cooking class, and yesterday Emily helped me shop for black cardamon, nigella seeds, and a masala dabba. I went to Himalaya Spices in Harris Park, which was soooo much friendlier than the shop next door.

We’re making

Cauliflower Pakora
Dahl Makhani
Palak Paneer
Malai kofta – this is hard, apparently making this properly qualifies you for marriage!
Laccha pyaaz
Mint Chutney – which I made last night, YUM!

Ummm.. Apparently I forgot to post this earlier, and I forgot to take pics of the results.

The pakoras were the best yet, but the dahl needed a little salt to make it perfect. The palak paneer was good, the malai koftas were a hit (which is a relief, as I can’t give up marriage at this late stage).

The laccha pyaaz and mint chutney were superb. I think the laccha pyaaz and the dahl were my faves.

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

One thought on “Trial Run”

  1. it was all good – i loved the orange one – malai kofta ! And the palak paneer was just fantastic. If Lara ever offers to make you indian – cancel all other previous engagements, dont eat for 3 days beforehand and enjoy !!


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