Some good news.

When Kevin ’07 won the election, I really only felt relief that John Howard wasn’t going to embarrass us in front of the neighbours any more.

But then he ratified Kyoto.

And then he said Sorry.

And I dared to feel hopeful.

But then, for a long time, nothing happened.

This news is wonderful – it is not just a symbolic gesture, it is a powerful and practical move that will hopefully make things just a little bit easier.

Keep it up Kev – there is more to do.

Like Relationship Equality for example.

Edited to add – it appears that this change only applies to lesbian parents. I wonder when men will get the same rights.

Edited again – Red quite rightly points out that this is NSW only. Of course it would be far too sensible to have a single system for the whole country!

3 thoughts on “Amazing”

  1. Wow! That is fantastic! Now…. extend those new rights to lesbian and gay and heterosexual STEP-parents too and I’ll crack open the bottle of Moet that’s hidden in my cupboard!

    And Kev, while you’re at it, change Howards’ Edwardian welfare reforms. Now.


  2. Actually, Kev can’t get the credit for this – it’s a change in state legislation. And you’re right, it’s just for lesbian mums. The paperwork for our kids’ new birth certs is in the mail 🙂


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