Today was Inigo’s check-up with Dr McVeagh. Since he hit the magic 50th percentile, my concern about today had eased a little, but I still asked Mark to take the day off and come with us today.

When we walked in, Dr McVeagh questioned if he was the same baby 🙂

He’s just above average for height, weight, and now head circumference too! The head has stopped growing at a rate of knots, and has slowed down to just slightly unfeasible, instead of alarmingly outrageous.

He got a perfect score from the doc, and we don’t have to go back until after Christmas.

Hoo – freaking – ray!

8 thoughts on “10/10”

  1. nice one. X dropped back to the 25 percentile after the dizzy heights of being in the 75 percentile. I’ve stopped weighing him but am wondering whether i need to check in with the CHN from time to time.


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