All Better

Sitting in Cardi
Cardi by Donna

Last week, I went to a picnic with some other cloth nappy mums. They were all discussing sleep problems, and how each kid is worse than the last. I felt pretty left out – my child sleeps!

He’s been so amazingly, marvellously, wondrously calm, and happy to sleep (in his cot) when he gets tired. He sleeps in the car, he even sleeps in my arms when there isn’t a cot available. It’s been great for both of us (and Mark too!), and I feel like I deserve it. We’ve had enough grief.

I explained to the other mums about his new sleep habits, and about my magic solution. Antibiotics! It won’t work for everyone, but after all we’ve been through, I feel like having a baby without sleep issues is perfectly just and fair.

Then on Friday last week he stopped. We left him with mum and dad while we went out for dinner. I wanted to get him to sleep before we left, but after two hours of full body thrashing, screaming, fighting and kicking, I was at a loss. At first I thought it was just because he was in unfamiliar territory, but when he was still out of sorts the next day, I began to suspect that something else was going on.

He refused to sleep in his cot all weekend, and on Sunday he screamed all day. I was so wound up, when Daisy crapped in my bathroom, I lost it, and smacked him. I can’t really explain how bad this makes me feel, poor old Daisy is a bit senile, and I understand that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. And hitting an animal is never defensible. So you can tell that I was at a pretty low ebb when I hit out like that. Sleep deprivation destroys rational thought, and I think that having slept well for two months (since the antibiotics), going back to the bad old days was a bit of a shock to the system.

By monday, he was not sleeping until he screamed himself to exhaustion. I started to think we might be dealing with another infection. On sunday I refilled his antibiotic script. The last lot of antibiotics didn’t have a “Discard on” date sticker on them, and I just forgot. We got almost to the end of the bottle before Mark pointed out that they were probably out of date. So now he’s had the new lot of drugs for a few days, and last night he slept in his cot for the first time in almost a week. And all of us slept well. In fact, some of us slept so well, we were late for work 🙂

And now a little something for the afro fans out there…


Thanks to Chris for the great pic!

World Youth Day

I saw a pilgrim in lederhosen today. And the baby was cross, so I couldn’t stop the car to photograph this guy with his peeps outside the local mosque.

I tried to register as a pilgrim on the weekend. Apparently you need to not only be catholic, but you also need to be “known” to one of the recognised organisations. And Acceptance is not recognised. I am not actually a member of Acceptance either, but if I was going to claim kinship with any mob of catholics, these ones sound like my kind of catholics.

Yes, I am planning to hand out condoms on saturday, and I feel quite strongly about the evil of the pope’s stance on their use in Africa, despite the spread of HIV/AIDS. I believe in women’s reproductive rights, and I am a big fan of homosexuality.

So why would I try to sign up to World Youth Day? I gotta get me one of those stylin’ backpacks!

God I am shallow.

Farewell Kerry

On friday night, we went to a party to farewell Kerry. Inigo was a trouper, and hardly whinged all night, despite the loud band and people everywhere. He even had a little nap, in his pram which was parked right beside the band.

I got to meet Bob Brown, and asked him for a picture with Inigo. There was no baby kissing – but I think this will make a great picture for Inigo’s baby book!

Img 1791
The t-shirt reads “I have issues”

Img 1826
Inigo sits on the table and devours a flyer advertising a rally outside Peter Garrett’s office

There has been rather a lot on in the last few weeks, and I have a cold, so it’s been hard to keep up the blog. I hope to add another post soon with pictures of Owen Edward, who arrived on Sunday. Hopefully his mum is starting to feel better after his birth – he was more than 10 pounds!

So long, and thanks for all the…

…hard work, passion, enthusiasm, intelligence, optimism, inspiration – and results!

Kerry had her last days in the Senate last week, and we went to Canberra to see her last speech.

Img 1711
Inigo chews a toy as the wheels of government turn

I had never been to new Parliament House before, and I had never been to a Senators office before either. We got “unaccompanied visitor” passes, which meant we could wander the halls without an escort. One security guard asked if he could feel inside the pram (since it was too big to go through the metal detectors on the way in), and I asked him to let me know if it was wet. I wish I had a photo of the face he made!

Img 1717
Inigo and his Cousin Ella play on the floor in Kerry’s office

Img 1729

The gorgeous Ella

Img 1727
One of her youngest fans?

Img 1740

The view from a staff lunch room, where we had a we drop to celebrate after Kerry’s (not valedictory) speech

Img 1771
Watching Natasha Stott-Despoja’s Valedictory speech on the tele in Kerry’s office. Don’t worry about the spots on the back of his head – he is either part vidiian, or they are stork marks (a non permanent type of birth mark) and will disappear in a year or so.

Img 1778
Mark and Ted walk past a painting by Sid Ball – George also had one of his works, which I think is better than the one in Parliament House.

Img 1786

The kid looks happy in the big chair


Img 1617
I’ve been designing (in my head) a follow up to the Myrtle Scarf – but not doing much knitting. Knitting has consisted of more booties, one pair from the gorgeous watermelon yarn that Bex dyed for me ages ago, and an orange pair now on the needles to “match” his purple corduroy pants that I made.

Here are a few pics I took of Myrtle before she went to her forever home, hopefully illustrating the beautiful sheen and stitch definition of the yarn, and the lovely drape of the finished scarf. Unfortunately the photography is nothing special – I was literally running out the door as soon as I took the blocking pins out.

Img 1618

Img 1620

And here is a picture of the sprog in his February Baby Sweater by Bex.

Img 1593

Baby Health Update

Img 1660

We had the MCU on the 16th, and saw the Dr to get the results. Apparently he has grade one reflux on the right, and grade two on the left. Grade one is no big deal, and probably not worth medicating on it’s own – but grade two is not good.

We did another urine test on the 16th, but so far we haven’t found the results. I have made numerous phone calls, but since my paed has two offices and two receptionists, and she has been away at a conference for a week, it’s been hard to pin anyone down. I will go to the Westmead office tomorrow, and if the results can’t be found then we’ll re-test.

Last Tuesday night Mark noticed that the tip of his foreskin was looking a little manky, so off we trooped to the medical centre (the skanky one I hate, but is open late). He weighed in at 7.9kg, and we got oral and topical antibiotics for the infection. Apparently it was probably caused by the MCU, not poor parental hygiene. So if he did have another urine infection on the 16th, this latest round of drugs would have killed it by now – but it would be helpful to know if he did get another infection while he was on the prophylactic dose of the antibiotics.

He continues to go from strength to strength, he started sitting up unsupported over a week ago, and has begun to “crawl”. Backwards.

We’re very proud.


Img 1568 2

Many months ago, Blueberry and Monkey went to live with our friend Dionne, and her bunny Jasper came to live with us. Jasper is a lovely girl who had lost her bonded partner, Harrison. Jasper and Harrison were deeply in love, and when he died, she was all at sea. Dionne and I thought that she might be a good match with Custard, who was also alone after the untimely demise of Grasshopper. Since Grasshopper died after Custard attacked him, I was understandably reticent about leaving these two alone together prematurely, and all of our early bonding attempts ended in growling, lunging, and eventually biting. We took things very slowly – perhaps too slowly.

But for a few weeks now, they have been living in domestic bliss. Jasper adores her new man, and sometimes he even deigns to groom her for a second or two.

Rabbits are social creatures, and really thrive in the company of their own species. A human companion is well and good, but there is nothing like bunny love.