So there could be another problem (or two)

Apparently, human breastmilk is digested readily, in around 90 minutes. Which is funny, because Inigo can vomit undigested milk up 4 hours after a feed. I’ve told the doctors about this, and of course I get ignored.

But yesterday, Inigo spewed just before a feed, and the vomit was pink – the same colour as his antibiotics, which he had before the previous feed. One of the nurses witnessed this, and now all of a sudden they seem to think that he might have an absorption problem. No shit…

So today I’ve been dealing with the possibility of that, and again today he seemed to be allergic to sleep. And then there’s the spewing.

When he is feeling OK, he seems to be a good sleeper, but the last few days he’s looked like he is in pain, and not been able to sleep through the day. If I lay him down in the cot on these days, he screams until I pick him up, then he takes a little while to settle, then he burps or spews. Once he is calm, I put him down, and the cycle starts again.

This morning Mark and I spent nearly two hours with the social worker, giving a detailed (and very personal) life history of the new Nettle family. Apparently the doctor wants to see a complete picture of us to examine any underlying issues that might be contributing to Inigo’s weight.

Of course I’m thrilled to have a doctor that is so thorough, and I am confident that if anyone can get to the bottom of this, she can – but at the same time I am living under a microscope. Nurses watch every feed, shining a torch at my nipple to examine the shape, colour and texture after a feed. They watch him attach, get right up close and breathe down my neck to examine his sucking reflex. If I had any dignity left after childbirth, it’s all been used up this week. They’ve even weighed his nappy to see how much he peed!

I keep telling myself that it’s worth it, that this scrutiny serves a purpose, and that my privacy is inconsequential in comparison to the health of my child. But it still sucks to be me right now. Which I mention because I am trying to give an accurate record of my days, not because I want sympathy, or pity. I am sure there are a lot of people who can empathise though, especially in that special form of torture that is having a sick child.

So tomorrow we’ll do another urine test, we’ll see the doctor, and we’ll find out if she’s worried about the absorption thing, and if she’s worried about how much he spews, and why he can’t seem to sleep when he is having a spewy day. Does he spew a lot? Is the spewing normal?

Lots more questions, and still no answers. Yet.

Another two days to get through. At least Mark will be here with us.

7 thoughts on “So there could be another problem (or two)”

  1. Jeez, what an ordeal. I glad, though, that at least it seems that you’re making some progress, and are being heard finally. You’re in my thoughts, Family Nettle.


  2. Big Big hugs.
    I am glad you can write about this because I know if I had read that others had gone through the same thing I would have felt a whole lot better about it.

    Even 11 years later I can take myself straight back there.

    Even during our stint at MBU if one more nurse had asked me if I felt like I had enough milk or if I thought the feed had gone well I woudl have screamed. No torch for me but lots of listeneing to hear the swallows and timing/counting of them.
    You are fabulous parents to put yourself through all this for your child. He is one lucky little fellow.

    Do they do the nasty test weighing before/sfter feed to ascertain how much he is getting?? it’s an outdated practice but apparently some tresillan
    staff still do it.

    apparently they can do an ultrasound on the breast whilst the baby is feeding to ascertain the volume/sucking patterns and milk filling up in the ducts as it is being produced. It’s been done recently for clinical studies including a breast pump study.


  3. it’s funny how health professionals say “the mother knows her child best” and then proceed to ignore everything the mother says. Up there with “follow your instincts…. and this detailed prescription of activities”


  4. More hugs, hugs, hugs

    Sorry for the comments that don’t say anything, but I want you to know that I am thinking of you and wishing you well and can’t think of anything else to say but want to leave a comment anyway..

    so hugs, hugs, hugs!


  5. My little boy struggled with weight, until we had him to a baby chiro who did a back adjustment and recommended goats milk formula, then whamo weight gain from 200 grams a fortnight to over 600. Keep up the kiss’s..


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