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The boy cries a lot. Perhaps that is why he refuses to gain weight. Still 5.06kg as at last Thursday (17/04/08).

This does my head in more than I am willing to admit publicly, but his head circumference is increasing, as is his length. Apparently his brain development is going great guns, and breast milk is the best thing for that. Still, you have to have a sense of humour.

The second urine test came back with contamination again, not sure what’s going on there.

On Wednesday, he slept for a whole hour without waking, and I sewed.

Img 1168

Yes, that is a cotton chenille bib with mauve chenille rick rack trim. I even (after a false start with homosexual snaps) installed snaps that work. I am legend.

Mark looked at it and claimed it looked “like a dishrag”. I am considering a divorce.

7 thoughts on “Aaaaarrrgghhhh!!!!!!!”

  1. It’s those wee bags, you really often get contamination.

    Love the 2 big open mouths, the bib, and the concept of homosexual snaps (boy or girl variety?)


  2. I love the photo. I think we’ve got the photo to go on the front of his 21st birthday party invites…

    Would the boy like to borrow my metabolism for a while? I’m sure I’d put on weight on an all-milk, no running diet.


  3. giggle chenille paired with homosexual snaps.

    Might not be the screaming per se but more the fact you can’t scream and sleep at the same time.

    I am hoping the new paed gets to the bottom of it because it isn’t fun for either of you.


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