Inigo smiled today!

I spent most of the day trying not to cry in pain, and trying to stay positive while still having problems breastfeeding, but the smiles made up for everything.

And then mum watched the boy while Mark and I went out for dinner. Life would be pretty good if I could feed my baby without pain…

5 thoughts on “Smiles!”

  1. get thee to a lactation consultant (try your health visitor or local la Leche league – ignore the advice you don’t agree with)

    Breastfeeding IS hard, some people think it is simple, but it isn’t, I remember the pain with my first, resorting to nipple sheilds etc.. but I would suggest that the rewards of persisting are great.


  2. cabbage leaves inside the bra against the nipples can be very soothing (four kids, all breast fed – yep know all about pain, and every bloody kid fed differently than the others).
    ps if it does not work out, then its not the end of the world either, formula can be great for baby too!! trust your instincts.


  3. Yep it bloody hurt both times I started breastfeeding. Lactation consultant and persistence both sorted me out. The Muffin still loves the boob at 15 months old.


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