Six Weeks

Img 0412
Inigo with Aunty Emily, my great aunt.

Inigo is screaming, and I have locked myself in the study to blog. He screamed for two hours this afternoon, and I can’t take it any more. It could be just that he is six weeks old (unexplained crying is said to peak at six weeks), or it could be reflux – we’re trying a different medication, but he refuses to swallow.

Apparently it’s not parental incompetence. I’ve been to see the baby health centre nurse today, and he is now 4.1kg – he has put on just over one kilo since he was born. The nurse watched me feed him and checked that I have the correct technique, which I do. There is a problem, but it warrants further investigation, and she is going to do a home visit next wednesday. In the meantime, I just have to carry on as I have been, and soldier on through the pain. Knowing that he is doing well is great, but the screaming and the pain are intense, and I am living a very intense life. But if you can’t be a good example, be a horrible warning…

Img 0428
Inigo in his swing, wearing the latest in Modern cloth nappies from TheoreticGal

He’s not smiling yet (for me anyway), but I am looking forward to some positive feedback. I worship his stinky little butt and his furry little shoulders, his full body yawns and his adoring gaze, but a smile would be nice.
Img 0266 2
Inigo having a bath with Nanna (my mum)

I have a picture of me being bathed by my nanna in the kitchen sink. I’ll have to dig it up to put beside this in his baby book.
Img 0400
Inigo and Mark on the play mat

Life isn’t all poop and screaming – there is some really good stuff too

P.S. Mark was with Inigo last night – I didn’t leave him to scream alone!

13 thoughts on “Six Weeks”

  1. I hear ya. My littlest one is currently 5 weeks old. Don’t worry. He will smile and then my friend, you will be wrapped around his little finger even more than now.

    Hang in there.
    Michelle, Mum to Ethan 5.5, Declan 2.5 and Patrick 5wks


  2. The photos are beautiful, its so cool to see him reflecting little bits of his family’s faces šŸ™‚

    Hope he learns to smile soon, and stops the long crying (maybe sorting the reflux will help, or just being a week or 2 older)…


  3. when alex was like this, at about the same age – a walk settled both him and me down. Even if it was just around the block. Hang in there, smiles come very soon ….


  4. Hang in there… the smiles will come. Crying and screaming does peak at around this time. I think it was at around6 or 7 weeks that I called Chris in the office, in tears asking him to come home because Alex had been alternating between cat-napping and screaming at me all afternoon. If there are no deeper problems, this too shall pass and all will be well again. Did you get my email abt reflux?


  5. Tales of a friend walking the back streets of Kings Cross with baby at 3am because her baby had constant screaming colic and their tiny, one bedroom flat was claustrophobic, or another who drove the car with baby around and around the block because it was the only time he would sleep….It’s nothing to do with your parenting style – its just the bub. I hope he grows out of it soon and into the smiling, giggling, gurgling stage.


  6. Our grubs are just coming up to nine months now. A few days ago we watched some video we took of them from about six weeks or so to about three months. It really took us back to that newborn time, and how hard it was. It gets much better, and more quickly than you can probably imagine right now. They become so interactive, give so much feedback and are a heap of fun. And the best thing is that we hardly have any recollection of how crap it was. Things are going to get better for you all really soon. *hug*


  7. Been there, hang in it does get better. The 6-8 week mark is usually a real trial.

    There is some special chemist that can turn the tablets into a suspension for you. We used one for a special concoction for Darcy years ago so we could get a colour /sugar free version of a medication. I even saw them mentioned on a promo for one of those after news rubbish shows a few days ago. I’ll see if they have something on their websites. They are called “Compound Chemists” our local pharmacist did it for me took a day or so.
    he also made up some soothing nappy cream for when he was reacting. It was excellent.

    BTW he looks cute in the side snapping nappy, will have to whip up a few more of those if they are fitting/absorbing well enough.


  8. My Darling you and Mark are doing a fabtastic job with your beautiful boy – he will definitely smile for you soon… I am sure he is just itching to learn how, so he can show you that he loves you as much as you obviously both love him. It was great visiting the other day seeing you and Inigo together… if crying persists, remember the ancient art of baby hypnosis (as passed down from my Great Grandmother with the prehensile toes)


  9. Hi!
    The picture with your grant auntee is wonderful. Love those pictures!
    Your boy is crying…yes. The first big step in his life. 6 weeks step.
    We carried our 3 babys always in a baby-sling
    It takes the pain, the horrible sleeples time away šŸ˜‰
    I swear by this!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You went through a hard process… take all your feelings and face it. You do it very well!
    Hugs from Germany, Eva


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