No Drip!

The drip needed to be moved tonight, and the doctor was concerned that Inigo was starting to look like a bit of pin cushion, so she decided to ramp up the breast milk feeds, and trial doing without the drip. He’s now had two feeds with no drip, and we haven’t had any chucking yet, so far so good….

Oxygen is down to 25%. Air is 21% oxygen, so we are very, very close to normal breathing.

Slowly but surely, we’re getting there.



At the last hourly feed he had 11mls of breastmilk, and no spewing! We need to get him up to at least 15mls to compensate for the fluid he was getting from the drip, so this is really encouraging!

(and yes I am sleeping, just woke up to pee and thought I’d visit him)

Some Progress

Img 0016 2

We tried breastfeeding again today, and had a much better experience – not there yet, but better. I also had a chance to talk to the midwife that I saw for most of my ante natal visits, she validated everything I was feeling, and encouraged me to go back to the nursery and touch him as much as I like. It’s been a tough 24 hours, but I look forward to every day getting better from now on. Also spoken to the social worker, who says that I am going better than could be expected for somebody who has so much to deal with.

I have been doing pretty well with expressing, this morning I got 70mls, which everyone seems impressed with. Of course I have no idea about what should and shouldn’t be happening, but I overheard one of the doctors saying today that a c section interferes with normal hormone production, and therefore can delay and reduce milk production. Apparently I am very lucky, and supply is not an issue, only demand 🙂 We’ll get there!

The boy is looking delightful – he has been fed breastmilk through a naso gastric tube, about 2mls every hour, and it seems to have improved his skin tone and colour. It’s an almost imperceptible change, and I may be imagining it, but it does make me feel better that he is able to eat, and I am able to provide for him in some small way. It may not be the way he’s supposed to get it, but it’s the best we can have for now, and I am grateful.

Mum had a meeting at the hospital and has spoken to Inigo’s paediatrician – apparently they are hoping to let us go home on the weekend. That is the first official word on timing I have had, and am trying not to get too excited, but the idea that I might be able to see my son without wires, and being able to cuddle him so soon is almost too much to hope for.

Anna Gibson visited again today, and we had such a lovely chat, I am now feeling fortified and ready to deal with whatever tomorrow may bring for our little family. All good things I hope.


We’ve just spent nearly an hour cuddling our son. He is still on oxygen, but they are so happy with his progress that we were allowed to have a cuddle while he was on a nasal cannula instead of the headbox. No pictures – because he needs skin to skin contact, all the pics are a little pornographic.

Of course, the primary reason for the switch in oxygen source was that they wanted to take another x-ray to measure his progress. We’ll have the results of the x-ray later this afternoon, and since I now have internets in my room, I will be able to blog about it as soon as I hear something.

They have started to feed him expressed breastmilk, starting with 2mls an hour. Soon they will be putting in a naso-gastric tube to assist feeding, and we’ll start to increase the amount that he eats. He is currently getting 15ms and hour of I/V fluids, so he needs to be getting about the same amount in breastmilk. We’ve tried a proper feed, but he didn’t take to it straight away, and he became distressed, which lead to his oxygen saturation dropping. We’ll fight that battle another day, and concentrate on keeping him calm, and happy, and healthy. Then we can fatten him up.


I’ve just been ejected from the nursery. Inigo had an episode of really odd breathing, which the midwife put down to “overstimulation”. I had just changed him after I noticed him starting to wake up, and was sitting quietly stroking his arm, as I have been all day, every day now. I have never seen him do that before, and it was really frightening, and I am damn sure it wasn’t me that caused it. What a bitch. I can’t go back in there now until morning, and she’s gone, or I might strangle her. No more expressing tonight. Fuck.


Brendan Nelson wants to grant same sex couples “equal” rights. But he doesn’t support gay marriage, adoption, or access to IVF. Doesn’t sound equal to me matey.

Img 0005 2

Inigo has had a good night. Since about 5pm last night, all of his obs have recorded less than 100 breaths per minute, bar one. Normal is 40-60 breaths per minute, and he started out at about 120, so less than 100 is a significant improvement – in my mind at least! He’s also down to less than 50% oxygen, and still getting 100% blood oxygen saturation – the goal is that they can wean him off the oxygen completely, and keep his breathing low. Nobody will speculate how long that will take, but I have been warned that I shouldn’t expect to go home on Monday.

After he is off the oxygen completely, then I will get to start breastfeeding – we can’t go home until breastfeeding is established. Of course, nobody has explained to me what their definition of “established” is, so I’m still in the dark about that.

We haven’t heard from the paediatrician this morning though, so officially we have no word yet. Mum is convinced he is looking much better though, and I’m almost confident enough to say that I think he looks happier too.

And I finally got an (almost) good night’s sleep. And the world’s best husband just walked in with coffee. Life is looking much brighter today.


Update – 7pm

The doctors were really happy with his progress today, resp rate was down under 70 for most of the day. Unfortunately, it’s been back up again since, so they aren’t reducing the oxygen again until he can be reviewed by the doctors again tomorrow. All in all, a good day, but with a few scary and uncertain moments with his heart rate dropping very low. We remain alert but not alarmed. He’s had his gastric tube removed at least, and been able to have a bath – so we can finally tell that he has brown hair underneath all the gore!

Yesterday Simone and Andrew visited, and brought various delights from the best of Newtown’s Turkish and Lebanese restaurants. We had a veritable feast, and I was able to eat breakfast and lunch today from the superb leftovers. They also brought a box filled with gorgeous clothing for the boy (I can’t wait to put him in actual clothes!), and Simone has created a custom skincare range for Inigo.

Img 0014

In the bottles are Inigo George Nettle’s “Oh-So-Clean-Feeling Baby Bum Wipe Juice”, “Super Deluxe Baby Bath Elixir” and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Baby Bum Butter”. You’d have to feel pretty special to have a skincare range named for you before you were three days old!