I’m not planning a trip to Japan

but this makes me really wish I were…

I love Japan, I particularly love the quiet self effacement of Japanese humour, and this is superb. And makes me miss Japan rather a lot.

I didn’t go to the Stitches and Craft show as planned today, instead I spent nearly three hours on the phone to a girlfriend in Melbourne. Time much better spent 🙂

3 thoughts on “I’m not planning a trip to Japan”

  1. Ok, it took me a bit to click, the vinegar feet finally gave it away 🙂 It is a nice send up of the formality of the culture and how this is both appealing and off putting at the same time.


  2. I have not yet seen this one, but I saw the “chopsticks” version of this recently. I wish I could hold my chopsticks galaxy-style.


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