7 thoughts on “Kevin Andrews was wrong!”

  1. OK – call me a cynic but one of two things will now happen:

    1) This story will go very quiet and on page 17 of the Telegraph (no one reads that bird cage liner beyond page 3 especially those what pay for it) will announce in about 20 days time that Haneef has lost the case while other momentous non-news distracts us such as, oh I don’t know, something scandalous that the leader of the opposition did when he was in kindergarten


    2) While our attention is diverted by the politicians posturing over Haneef, our fearless misleader will have rushed through yet more badly drafted legislation that will further curb civil liberties, free speach, women’s rights or restrict immigration will have slipped by commercial media notice and we will be even closer to a dictatorial democracy that we are now. (I am in an alliterative mood today!)

    I hearby announce I am changing my name to Diogenes (after the cynic philosopher)


  2. He’s still insisting that he made the right decision because of Information That He Isn’t Allowed to Divulge. Playing the paranoia card and arguing that Guilt by Association is a valid call.

    The scary thing is that my 9yr old lad saw those “Every piece of information helps” ads and said “that’s a good idea – we should write that number down”. I explained we already have a very good police force for reporting suspicious activity to and I was not going to start treating “people that aren’t like us” as terrorists.
    This is the beginnings of McCarthyism and it’s happening in my own home.


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